This study investigates the ethics of Internet research in general, which uses the Internet as a means of communication and a place for research, and proposes ethics guidelines for Internet research. Research using the Internet has become widespread and has produced results, but depending on the method and content of the research, it may have harmful effects on individuals, groups, and society. It is also impossible to conduct and continue research without the understanding and cooperation of Internet users. While research on Internet research ethics has been conducted overseas since the late 1990s, it has remained largely untouched in Japan, causing problems. Moreover, we have not yet found an appropriate method of regulation for Internet social experiments targeting groups overseas. This research investigates Internet research ethics in foreign countries and translates the ethics guidelines of research institutions. Based on the research of research ethics and research ethics as the background, a draft ethics guideline for Internet research is prepared and proposed.



  • OTANI, Takushi 大谷 卓史 Associate Professor 准教授
  • OSAWA, Hirotaka大澤 博隆 Assistant Professor 助教