Guidance for graduation studies.

  • 1st:2018/12/13(Thu.) 16:45- (Guidance, 3L301-2), 17:00- (Demo, 3M411) Location: Building 3L 3L301-2, 3M411
  • 2nd:2018/12/25(Wed.) 18:15- (Guidance, 3L301-1), 18:30- (Demo, 3M411) Location: Building 3L 3L301-1, 3M411

We will invite up to 2 bachelor students.

Contact: hailabsec (at_mark) (Anytime okay for visiting our lab!)
If more people selected our lab over the limitation, we will select our lab member according to the GPA as the rule of Undergraduate Schools and Colleges. If a difference is under 0.1, we will make meeting and decide who is accepted.

第1回:2018年12月13日(木) 16:45- (ガイダンス, 3L301-2), 17:00- (デモ, 3M411) 場所:第三エリア3L棟3L301-2, 3M411
第2回:2018年12月25日(水) 18:15- (ガイダンス, 3L301-1), 18:30- (デモ, 3M411) 場所:第三エリア3L棟3L301-1, 3M411
連絡先は、hailabsec (at_mark)です