The Science Fiction Research and Development Center was established at Keio University on January 1, 2024.
It is the first center among Japanese university organizations to specialize in science fiction research, and its research interests include not only science fiction works, but also former science fiction studies, science fiction thinking and science fiction prototyping that are flourishing these days, speculative design, management studies, and even changes in the creative environment centering on generative AI.

The event will celebrate the establishment of this center and discuss the future of science fiction, science fiction studies, and science fiction thinking.
Speakers include Hana Ageha, a graduate of the Nozomu Omori SF Creation Course at Genron, a science fiction writer who debuted with the Nikkei "Hoshi Shinichi Award" for Excellence and is the current Secretary General of the Science Fiction Writers Club of Japan, and Michito Miyamoto, a science communication specialist and science culture writer who also plays a key role in contemporary SF prototyping, Mr. Michito Miyamoto, a science fiction writer specializing in science communication and a key figure in contemporary SF prototyping, and Mr. Kanata Inoue of VG Plus LLC, a science fiction company that hosts the online media Kaguya Planet and published the Japan Science Fiction Writers Club volume "SF Writers Think Like This: Tapping the Front Line of the Creative World".

Hana Ageha (Author, 26th Secretary General of the Science Fiction Writers' Club of Japan)
Dohjin Miyamoto (Science fiction writer, Visiting Assistant Professor at Keio University Science Fiction Center, Specially Appointed Assistant Professor at Hokkaido University CoSTEP)
Kanata Inoue (Editor, President of SF company VG Plus LLC)

Moderator: Hirotaka Osawa (Associate Professor, Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University; Director, Keio University Sci-Fi Center; 21st President, Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of Japan)

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research "Analysis of Views on Future Development and Aging Suggested by Science Fiction
The Toyota Foundation, "Artificial Intelligence and the Science of Fiction: Imaginative Extension of Future Society through AI


登壇者として、ゲンロン大森望SF創作講座出身で日経「星新一賞」優秀賞でデビューしたSF作家であり、現日本SF作家クラブ事務局長でもある揚羽はな氏、科学コミュニケーションを専門とし、現代SFプロトタイピングのキーパーソンとしても活躍する科学文化作家の宮本道人氏、オンラインメディアKaguya Planetを主催し、日本SF作家クラブ編『SF作家はこう考える 創作世界の最前線をたずねて』を出版したSF企業VGプラス合同会社の井上彼方氏の3名をお呼びしています。

宮本道人(科学文化作家、慶應義塾大学SFセンター訪問助教、北海道大学 CoSTEP 特任助教)

司会: 大澤博隆(慶應義塾大学理工学部准教授、慶應義塾大学SFセンター所長、日本SF作家クラブ第21代会長)