Mr. Satoshi Hase, Mr. Shingo Fujisaki, Dr. Hiroshi Yamakawa, Mr. Douhjin Miyamoto joined Hal-con to be held at Kawasaki on April 15. "Artificial intelligence × SF: Let's talk about the vision that is only in this era ". Discuss the relationship between AI and SF which is the reason why it is now such as the theme of artificial intelligence (AI) and SF, the advantages and dangers that SF is applied to society, and the new SF theme guided by AI technology.
Summary of this session was published in the September issue of Artificial Intelligence Society "Artificial Intelligence" 2018.

You can read it for free.

● Session overview:

The imagination that science fiction (SF) brings is now an important component of our modern society, and it is a factor driving the future image. SF, which was influenced by science and technology, emerged as a story form that depicts the impact of technology on the society, the drama of people, and the transformation of values, contrary to science and engineers, in drawing a future society in the future. Especially the relation between artificial intelligence (AI) research and science fiction is great, and in the old days various concepts have been created in the interaction between the two fields from Isaac Asimov's three principle robots to Vernor Vinge singularity. There are many researchers related to AI who profess the influence of SF both in Japan and abroad.On the other hand, due to recent rapid development of AI technology, ethical problems caused by AI technology to society are being debated as practical problems in various places. As such now it must be careful to apply classic science fiction ideas directly to the real world. In order to face problems of intelligence and social problems, engineers need a new vision represented by SF. SF can also find new themes that are yet to be seen, which may be caused by new technology. There is a vision that can only speak because it is a modern age.In this session, we would like to discuss the new image of AI and SF, which is currently being focused on the relationship between artificial intelligence and SF, which has become a boom in recent years. Beyond the amazing works such as Astro Boy and Ghost in the Shell, we would like to talk about this new vision which we can speak in this year.

● Session Date and Time

  • Date and time: Sunday, April 15 (Sunday) 11: 00-12: 30
  • Venue: Kawasaki City International Exchange Center Hall (2-2 Kiyomizu-cho, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture 211-0033)








  • 日時:4月15日(日)11:00-12:30
  • 会場:川崎市国際交流センター ホール (〒211-0033 神奈川県川崎市中原区木月祗園町2-2)