Our project contributed in the creation of the graphic novel "Re: Family" using the comic format in order to think about the future vision of the family. The story is about a family of a woman with Nigerian and Japanese roots, her boyfriend who was born from a sperm bank, his genetic mother working in space, and her partner, an Indian woman. A sciece writer wrote a plot and a cartoonist (Manga-ka) made it into a graphic novel with discussion. It was supervised by researchers both in VR and African culture. They discussed changing values in the society of the future, changing the shape of the family, and even so, what is the relationship that sustained. We would like to solicit a wide range of opinions on the appropriateness of our description. We want feedback, including criticism of the appropriateness of the description.

Original Manga, JST RISTEX HITE-Media

AIxSFプロジェクトでは未来の家族のビジョンを考えるため、マンガ形式を用いたグラフィックノベル「Re: Family」の作成に関わりました。我々はこのグラフィックノベルを読んだ方へのフィードバックを求めています。

オリジナル漫画(日本語版) JST RISTEX HITE-Media